Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

January 2013 Reports

Date Report

Student reports theft in library.

1/7/2013 Student being harassed.

Received call from Center For Families (CFF); child is having seizures.

1/10/2013 Student slipped in parking lot.
1/12/2013 Female in parking lot P acting strange.
1/13/2013 Security review video footage of missing portable heater from Seaview Hall.
1/15/2013 Student refused to show ID when asked and became aggressive, LPD called and responded.
1/15/2013 Faculty member filed a security report regarding inappropriate messages she received from one of her students.
1/16/2013 Security received call regarding man inside Snoqualmie Hall sleeping in restroom stall.
1/17/2013 Security attempted to serve a student with a letter from the office of VP George Smith.
1/17/2013 Security responded to a call from Seaview staff regarding two individuals smoking marijuana by the access road on the west side of Seaview.

Staff member claims to have slipped on ice.

1/18/2013 Student creating a loud disturbance outside the cashier's office.

Security responded to a report of three juveniles with bats near north campus.

1/22/2013 Security and Lynnwood Fire Department was contacted and responded to a medical call from Mountlake Terrace Hall.
1/23/2013 Security responded to a fender bender call from staff in Lot P, student backed into a her car.
1/26/2013 Security responded to a call from Snohomish Hall room 124, instructor called reporting a student had fallen down from apparent illness/dehydration, medical and first aid declined.
1/28/2013 Security issued ticket for parking violation in the loading dock of MIC building.
1/29/2013 Security received a call from security staff she was injured and could not move her right shoulder.
1/30/2013 Student reports to security that his wallet was stolen while playing basketball in the gym.
1/31/2013 Two students communicating via Facebook with mutual threats, one threatening possible suicide and harm to others.

Student reports to security theft of personal backpack from Mukilteo Hall.