Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

February 2013 Reports

Date Report
2/2/2013 Security responded to a medical call from the Indoor Hitting Facility on Saturday; rental group was renting the indoor hitting facility.

Security escorted staff member to meet with student.


Security received a call of broken glass in Brier Hall just outside the bookstore buyback window, found student with bandaged hand.


Security responded to a call from Brier Hall regarding a broken glass door.


A student vehicle, a red Acura was stolen from Lot F while the student attended class. The student filled out a safety/security statement and contacted Lynnwood Police Department to file a report, LPD responded.


Security was contacted by a student regarding his rental car; someone knocked the left side view mirror off.


Student received an email from staff regarding an email from a weekend staff at Central Washington University regarding a situation he had with a student.


Security responded to a medical call from Snohomish Hall room 125; student had a seizure in class and was transported.


Security contacted Lynnwood PD to respond to a possible stolen vehicle with inconsistent vehicle information and license plate number.


Custodial staff reported that she had scratched her eye while moving furniture.


Campus security responded to Snoqualmie Hall for a report of an aggressive student.


Security was notified that a librarian staff member had a vehicle accident off campus.


Student report his vehicle had been hit in Lot D.


Student reported to security an incident happened to her off campus and she was afraid the suspect might be coming on campus where she goes to school.

2/21/2013  Student was in the security office reporting his backpack was stolen from Seaview while he was playing volleyball.

Security received a court order of protection from a female EDCC student against another EDCC male student


Security received a medical call regarding a student attempting to light the stove had accidentally received a back flash of flames to the individuals face; 911 was called to the scene.


Student reports that she is being approached and followed by another student


Security responds to a non-injury vehicle accident in Lot E


Security responded to a fire alarm call from Red Hawk for the Monroe building.


Security received information from the Counseling Center.