Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

December 2013 Reports

Date Report
12/3/2013 Security made contact with non-student that has been trespassed from campus in the past
12/4/2013 Security received a phone call from staff in Gateway reporting a strong foreign smell in building
12/5/2013 Security responded to a medical call from Mukilteo Hall
12/5/2013 Student made contact with student that was sitting next to a wall with red graffiti
12/6/2013 Seaview Staff reported a vehicle rear window broken in Lot C
12/9/2013 Security responded to MIC Hall to a report of a student stuck in the elevator
12/10/2013 Security responded to north campus for a report of police activity
12/16/2013 Security received a call from Red Hawk that a fire alarm had been tripped over at Gateway Hall
12/10/2013 Security responds to report of Lynnwood Fire Department responding to Rainier Hall
12/12/2013 Sprinkler burst in CFF exterior walkway overhang due to cold weather, fire department responded
12/16/2013 Custodial worker was trapped in a malfunction elevator
12/16/2013 Staff member received call from an anti-Muslim group
12/18/2013 Student reported individual approached her near campus and asked to perform sexual act in front of her
12/18/2013 Security staff injured from a falling metal cover plate when attempted to close the window shades
12/20/2013 Vehicle towed from Rainier Hall parking lot
12/27/2013 Security found marijuana vaporizer components on 2nd floor of Brier Hall during building inspection
12/24/2013 Edmonds CC baseball players broke in to Indoor Hitting Facility over the break
12/31/2013 Campus security received a report of a vehicle break in that occurred in parking lot D