Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

September 2012 Reports

Date Report
9/11/2012 Security responded to a minor fender bender in Lot B.
9/17/2012 Security responded and made contact with two non-students who had been climbing on the Brier Hall building roof top.
9/22/2012 Security responded to a fire call from the conference center.
9/17/2012 Staff member reports to security vehicle theft in lot B.
9/25/2012 Vending machine vendor reported to security their vending machines have been vandalized.
9/27/2012 Security escorted sex offender off campus per VP's request.
9/27/2012 Security responds to 911 call at dental van outside Woodway Hall.
9/27/2012 Security was flagged down by staff regarding a female complaining about how she was approached by someone in the courtyard.
9/28/2012 Staff member report to security someone messing with his car windshield wipers.
9/27/2012 Non-student was playing basketball at the outside basketball court, fell, and hurt his knee.