Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

October 2012 Reports

Date Report
9/26/2012 Security was informed to write an incident report regarding missing money.
10/1/2012 Campus Security was notified about a vehicle hit and run that occurred yesterday.
10/1/2012 Student report vehicle accident in lot B.
10/2/2012 Campus Security responded to an non-injury vehicle accident in student parking lot B west of Snoqualmie Hall
10/2/2012 Taxi driver making strange statements to security student assistant.
10/3/2012 Student reports security that her car has been broken into.
10/3/2012 Student reports to security that her personal headphones were stolen.
10/4/2012 Staff reports vehicle was vandalized.
10/4/2012 Students claims her head phones were either stolen or left at the math lab of Mukilteo Hall.
10/8/2012 Reported motorcycle accident in lot B.
10/9/2012 Student vehicle was stolen.
10/10/2012 Security received call from library staff regarding student needing medical assistance.
10/10/2012 Student received unwanted sexual and racial text messages.
10/10/2012 Security respond to a call from OSL regarding a student reporting a theft from the game room.
10/12/2012 Staff member's wheel on her vehicle felt off while driving off lot K.
10/16/2012 Security and Fire Department responding to the electrical fire in Lynnwood Hall 1st floor.
10/17/2012 Security received and email from staff member in Alderwood Hall regarding a difficult student.
10/18/2012 Security responded to the 2nd floor men's restroom in Mountlake Terrace concerning a report of hate graffiti.
10/19/2012 Security responds to call regarding fight in the Brier OSL Hall.
10/22/2012 Security responded to a phone call from the cashier at the Market Place Grill regarding  disruptive and disrespectful students.
10/23/2012 Security received a report of a suspicious person. There is a previous case history with this individual, ref. EdCC case number 12-1017.
10/23/2012 Security received a phone call from a staff at ISS regarding an international student reporting someone trying to hit him while crossing the street.
10/23/2012 Campus security received a report of a theft that occurred in Seaview hall.
10/24/2012 Security responded to a harassment complaint made by a staff member in the courtyard.
10/24/2012 Two students from EDCC case number 12-1022 came to the security office to fill out statements explaining their side of the story.
10/25/2012 Security responded to report of hit-and-run incident on parked car in lot D.
10/25/2012 Students reporting a hit and run in Lot C.
10/26/2012 Vehicle break-in and theft of student property from vehicle in Lot C.
10/26/2012 Security responded to the library for a report of a suspicious person.
10/26/2012 Security responded to a staff member causing a disturbance with students and staff while setting up for the Halloween dance.
10/29/2012 Security and Paramedics responded to a medical call in Mukilteo Hall, student down and unresponsive due to seizure, student transported.
10/30/2012 Security notified by student of verbal threat incident on 10.30.12 in Beresford.