Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

August 2012 Reports

Date Report
8/2/2012 Staff member reports to security a male student in Mukilteo Hall was using the women's restroom.
8/1/2012 Security responded to graffiti call in Snoqualmie Hall.
8/3/2012 Security responded to a call regarding reckless driving in lot D.
7/31/2012 Security receives call regarding medical incident inside Seaview Hall.
8/5/2012 Sunroof of green Honda Accord damaged in Parking Lot C.
8/6/2012 Verbal altercation between three students at the smoking area near MLT Hall
8/13/2012 Non-injury hit-and-run.
8/14/2012 Security respond to possible graffiti suspect observed in Snohomish Hall.
8/14/2012 Security was approached by a student in parking lot P who claimed someone had broken into her car and stolen some of her belongings.
8/15/2012 Student reports to security his car was broken into while parked in lot B.
8/20/2012 Report of a faculty member receiving harassing mail on campus.