Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

May 2011 Reports

Date Report
5/3/2011 Staff reported to security missing master keys.
5/3/2011 Security received a call from staff requesting security present, possible fight in classroom 113 between two students.
5/4/2011 Staff called security office to report she witness a drug transaction.
5/5/2011 Security responded to a medical emergency in Meadowdale Hall.
5/9/2011 Student reported to security his iPhone was stolen while in the library.
5/10/2011 Security received information of a lock down of high school and middle school nearby.
5/11/.2011 Student reported to security an incident he was involved with back in May 5th. 2011.
5/11/2011 Female student called 911 because another female student had disrespected her.
5/11/2011 Security contacted 911 and requested LPD to assist with trespasser in Rainier Hall.
5/13/2011 Student contacted security after realizing his iPod was missing/stolen from where he put it.
5/13/2011 Security was called to assist with student refusing to show her EdPass to Staff member working the front desk.
5/16/2011 Security received an incident report from a student reporting he bought marijuana from another student.
5/17/2011 Security responded to a medical call from staff in Mountlake Terrace classroom 206.
5/19/2011 Security made contact with vehicle blocking parking lane in Lot F.
5/23/2011 Security received and responded to a call from staff in Maltby reporting several items missing/stolen.
5/26/2011 Security received and responded to a verbal dispute in parking lot K.
5/26/2011 Security spotted 2 individuals conducting illegal activity in the parking lot.
5/27/2011 Security received and responded to a call from CFF staff regarding a former ex-boyfriend of a staff member showing up at her place of work.
5/31/2011 Security responded to Alderwood Hall for a report of a student bleeding heavily.