Campus Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

July 2011 Reports

Date Report
7/6/2011 Security responded to a call from CFF staff regarding a hit-and-run incident.
7/12/2011 Security received and responded to a disturbance call from an instructor in Snohomish Hall.
7/19/2011 Security received and responded to a medical call from staff outside of Mukilteo Hall/North side.
7/20/2011 Security received information regarding a former student made remarks concerning a Faculty member.
7/22/2011 Security received and responded to a call from the librarian regarding a suspicious person walking around and staring at students in the library.
7/26/2011 Student came into the security office concerning a Faculty member.
7/27/2011 Security responded to a harassment call from SSD office area in Mountlake Terrace.
7/27/2011 EDCC custodian misplaced his custodial keys in Snoqualmie Hall.
7/25/2011 Student was in the security office filling out an incident report when she tripped and fell.