Edmonds CC English instructors love to teach literature!

We value the opportunity to explore our personal appreciation for various stories, poems, drama, and essays in the classroom. We do our best to help our students appreciate them, too. Our most popular literature course — The Literary Experience: English 115 — is a course designed to engage students with a wide range of texts, authors, and approaches to literature.

Other literature courses emphasize:

  • particular time periods
  • particular writers (or kinds of writers)
  • particular kinds of literary texts
  • a combination of any of these emphases

several books of various colorFor example, for the course Current Authors: English 125, students can expect to read and appreciate several important texts that have been written in the past 30 years. In Modern Women Writers: English 160, students will read and enjoy works that have been written by women in the last 50 years. In Shakespeare: English 265, students read and appreciate the plays of Shakespeare — his tragedies, comedies and histories.

Instructors will bring diverse approaches to literature classes and use a creative variety of assignments and assessment methods, but in all of our literature courses, students can expect to find teachers who appreciate the opportunity to help them develop meaningful questions about the texts they are reading as a way to deepen their understanding of literature.

Edmonds CC literature courses give students practice in the skills that are required for other courses, particularly writing and critical thinking. Also, all of our literature courses count toward distribution or elective credits for the AA degree, and some of our literature courses fulfill the Cultural Diversity requirement for the AA degree.