Powwow Committee

This year's powwow is hosted by Edmonds Community College in partnership with campus and community groups. These partnerships provide excellent opportunities for mentorship between college and K-12 students, staff, and community members as well as offering students an occasion to develop their organizational, mentorship, and leadership skills.

2014 Powwow Committee:

Brenda Bequette | Edmonds School District
(Shoshone and Northern Paiute)

Diana Bustos | Diversity Student Center

Jennifer Delia | Native American Student Association (Unangaz – Aleut)

Carly Dover | Native American Student Association (Tulalip)

Dr. Tonya Drake | Equity and Inclusion (Cowichan)

Daryl Douglas, Jr. | Native American Student Association (Haida, Seminole, and Northern Arapaho)

Regina Gradias | Financial Aid (Chumash)

Kerrie Murphy | Community Member (Cherokee)

Dr. Tom Murphy | Anthropology Department (Mohawk)

Kelly Singleterry | Native American Student Association (First Nations)

Stewart Sinning | Service Learning

Michelle Song | Service Learning

Nicole Sunwall | Equity and Inclusion

Chris Szarek | Veteran’s Resource Center

Chatell Wallace | Headstart (Shoshone Paiute)

Nick Weaver | Native American Student Association (Lakota)

Laura Wong-Whitebear | Edmonds School District (Colville)

Liz Woolms | Grants and Contracts


Dr. Tonya Drake, Dr. Tom Murphy, Chatell Wallace

Art for Powwow Poster:

Carly Dover, Jennifer Delia