PACE-IT Program

PACE-IT Program

Student Options for Completing the Program

Transitioning from PACE-IT to the Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program

Funding for the PACE-IT (Progressive, Accelerated Certifications for Employment in Information Technology) certificate program concludes at the end of winter quarter 2016.

Students who are enrolled in PACE-IT and have not completed all of the work required for their certificates by the end of winter quarter 2016, will have three options.

Student Completion Options:
  1. Continue in the program for spring quarter 2016 and pay the tuition for the credits (note that out of state tuition applies for students not residing in Washington state). Students will also be able to register for summer quarter 2016 if necessary; however, summer quarter will be the last quarter students will be able to continue work in the online PACE-IT format.
  2. Enroll in (and pay the tuition for) the equivalent on-ground or hybrid courses at Edmonds CC that are needed to complete their certificates.
  3. Have any credits they have completed added to their Edmonds CC transcripts.


Academic Coach Conversations

Students are encouraged to begin having conversations about how they will be completing their programs with PACE-IT Academic Coaches as soon as possible. PACE-IT Academic Coaches will assist students to enroll for spring quarter 2016.

Enrolling for Variable Credit

If students have less than five credits to complete, they will need to enroll for all credits. The minimum number of credits students can enroll for if they have five or more credits to complete is five. Students should discuss the appropriate number of credits they should enroll for with their PACE-IT Academic Coaches.

Certificate Exams

For CIS 205 (Technology and Integration Support), CIS 206 (Introduction to Network Security), CIS 207 (Ethical Hacker), and CIS 208 (Web Development), students are not required to take an industry certification exam in order to complete the program and be awarded their certificate from Edmonds CC.

For CIS 209 (Data Management), students should talk to their Academic Coaches and/or Instructors about their options.


Financial Aid and Worker Retraining

Students may be eligible for financial aid and/or worker retraining benefits. We encourage students to access the latest Navigator Hour (NH) information, as it will answer many of the questions they may have.

As always, students can access all past NH recordings via the Blackboard Collaborate (BC) option in the Navigator Hour course shell in Canvas. Upon accessing BC, click the "Recordings" option on the top menu bar to find the correct session. Students can also access the audio-only version via SoundCloud here.


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