Learning Support Center

Tutoring Center: FREE Walk-in One-on-one Tutoring

The Tutoring Center offers free tutoring in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. It is available to students working on homework or needing assistance in many subject areas. The tutors who provide academic assistance are fellow students who have successfully taken these courses, who are recommended by the instructors, and who do an excellent job of working one-on-one with fellow students.

Math tutoring is available for every hour the Learning Support Center is open for all levels of math. For questions on tutor availability, please email tutoring@edcc.edu or call 425.640.1750 during our open hours.

You must be currently enrolled in the subject you are seeking tutoring in.

For information and schedules for subjects not listed above, call 425.640.1750, e-mail tutoring@edcc.edu, or walk in at Mukilteo Hall #113.