Learning Support Center

Applying for a tutor position at the Learning Support Center

If you enjoy being around an academic environment with other students and have done well in your classes, we invite students to consider filling out an application the Learning Support Center. We are always accepting applications most subjects: math, English, chemistry, biology, psychology, logic, accounting, statistics, BSTEC, CIS, Computer Science classes and other subjects.

To qualify as a tutor in our program, you must:

  • Have a 3.6 in the subject(s) to be tutored.
  • Be an Edmonds Community College student enrolled in at least 6 units or graduate.
  • Have a signed instructor recommendation form for each subject. (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Interview with the Learning Support Center director/coordinator.
  • Have a social security number or be eligible to get one.

Advantages of Being an Edmonds Community College Tutor

  • Help others achieve their academic goals with your guidance.
  • Reinforce your knowledge of course content that will help you as you advance in your college career.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Develop skills to work in a multicultural, diverse work environment.
  • Learn effective teaching techniques.
  • Get paid for learning and on-the-job training ($9.47 per hour).
  • Build your work schedule around your classes.
  • Work at a convenient on-campus location.
  • Download a tutor application.