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Taking the Bus

Take the bus to and from Edmonds Community College or to many places in the area.


Your Edmonds CC student photo ID card is EdPass.

How to get your EdPass

After you register for classes, you can go to the EdPass Office (Lynnwood Hall) to get your EdPass. (Here is a campus map.)

Current students can add ORCA bus pass benefits to your EdPass (college I.D.) a one-time fee of $10 for the new EdPass/ORCA card, and $15 for the quarterly bus pass.

Edmonds CC Buses

Many buses come to the Edmonds CC Transit Center on campus. Other buses are nearby on Hwy 99 or on 196th St. SW.

Using the Community Transit Trip Planner

You can use the Community Transit website to plan a bus trip.  You just need to know the place you want to catch the bus and the place you want to go.  Here are directions.

1. Click on Trip Planner   (The link is below or go to http://www.commtrans.org/BusService/TripPlanner.cfm)

2. Type in your Start place and your End place.

3. Type in the time you want to leave (departing) or get there (arriving) and the day.

4. Click on PLAN TRIP.

5. First you will see prices.  Then scroll down to see some bus schedules for your trip.

6. You can also click on “Plan Return Trip” to get information about going back or “Revise Original Entry” if you want to change your place or time.

Example   1    From Edmonds Community College to Alderwood Mall after classes on Friday afternoon.


Example 2:    From a house at 17989 68th Ave W to 3rd Avenue and Pike Street in Downtown Seattle on a Saturday.  (Note:  just write in the address.  You do not include the city or zip code.)

Note:  The EdPass does not give a free ride on the Sound Transit bus.  You must pay the bus fare for the Sound Transit or other non-Community Transit buses.  It is not very expensive.

To plan your trip, click on the Trip Planner.

You can also find bus schedules, maps, and other information.

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