Humanities and Social Sciences

We welcome you to the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions

Our Courses

Our classes deal with perennial issues and how those issues relate to this morning's news and future trends. The topics range from cave paintings to digitally created music to the workings of the human mind. The students and teachers in our classes discuss and challenge, listen and respond, search and interpret. In different courses we write, sing, analyze, act, debate, paint, reflect, and wonder aloud.

Our Faculty

Whether you take a class on campus with other students, or earn your credits on-line, you will find an instructor who cares about you and your learning. Our instructors are scholars, sculptors, writers, musicians, social scientists, and so much more. Our common bond is our focus on helping our students learn.

As teachers we collaborate with each other; thereby helping our students learn to work together. As scholars we stay current in our fields so that we present timely perspectives. As professionals we hold each other to high standards, and expect the same of our students.

Our Philosophy

We engender ethics in future civic leaders, and we nurture compassion in future doctors. We encourage a love of the arts in those who would only see profits, and we cultivate values in all who love families. And always, we strive to open our students and ourselves to the richness that comes with facing and embracing diversity.

Again, welcome! Browse through our course offerings, contact us with your questions, choose classes that intrigue you. Join our community of learners.

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