Housing and Residence Life

Living-Learning Communities

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In addition to classes, there are many clubs and events on campus you can participate in to learn, have fun, and make friends.  Starting with Fall of 2015, Housing and Residence Life is excited to offer our virtual Living Learning Communities.  These communities are meant to incorporate both homestay and residence hall students and are based on three broad topics that past and current students have expressed an interest in. Each Community will have 3 special program each month dedicated to that theme so you can meet others that share your specific interests. Each community is led by a team of student staff made up of Resident Assistants and International Mentors who share those interests and want to help you succeed at Edmonds CC.

All housing students are welcome to attend any of these events, but we encourage you to also sign up for each community's mailing list and Facebook groups in order get up to date information and stay connected with others in the group. 

Participating in a Living Learning Community is optional, but it is totally, 100% FREE to you!

For Winter 2016, our themes are:

Arts, Culture, and Sports: Many people think about arts and culture as formal and stuffy, but there won’t be anything stuffy or too formal about this community. We understand that sports and popular music can also be huge part of your culture so one month you may go to an art museum, but the next you may talk about the difference between “football” and “soccer.”

Let’s Eat! Food is a huge part of our culture and one thing that helps bring people together.  This group is not just about eating however!  You will learn some of the stories behind cultural dishes while you learn how to make them. Many students are also living on their own for the first time, and in a new country, so we will also help you learn how to use an American style kitchen. Oh, and you will eat too!

Health and Wellness: This group is new for Winter of 2016 and we are excited for all the great things planned.  Many people confuse health and wellness with physical fitness and exercise. Sure, these are important parts, but health and wellness is a total package of mind and body. Some events to look forward to might be a lunchtime walk around our lovely campus, a workshop on how to find and keep healthy relationships, or ways to manage stress during finals. Stay tuned for more information and a Facebook group.