Housing and Residence Life

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistant Team

What's an RA?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are college students hired by the Housing Office to live in the residence halls and assist other students. One RA is always on call when the Housing office is not open.

Resident assistants:

  • Provide assistance to students moving in or out, at orientation, and in day-to-day living
  • Serve as a resource for residents in college programs, activities, and student leadership
  • Assist in checking equipment in and out, e.g. vacuum cleaners
  • Provide assistance in conflict management
  • Act as security ensuring that policies and procedures are upheld
  • Provide front line assistance in emergencies and then contact the supervisor for support and response
  • Help with international students' cultural adjustment
  • Design programs to build community

Meet the RAs of 2016-2017

Rainier Place

First Floor RAs

Tim (TJ)

Second Floor RAs

Jodie Cindy
Jodie Cindy


Third Floor RAs



 Leo  Yunus


Fourth Floor RAs

Charlie Sunny
Charlie Sunny


Sophie Court

Yonggi Mangwe
Yonggi Mangwe


Spencer Court

Vi Dalis
Vi Dalis