Honors Program

For Faculty


A Faculty Information Packet, containing some essential resources for Faculty who are interested in participating in the Honors Program may be downloaded in PDF format. This packet includes:

  • The Program Philosophy, Mission, and Values
  • An Honors Program FAQ
  • A discussion of what makes an Honors Class?
  • An Honors Course Application—concerns you, your department, division dean, and the Honors Program
  • A definition of an Honors Contract?
  • Honors Contract Application Procedures
  • Honors Contract Application—concerns you, your student, and the Honors Program
  • Suggested Syllabus Language for Honors Contracts—concerns you, your student, and the Honors Program

Additional details on the program can be found at the Edmonds CC Honors Program Working Group website. Specifically:

  • Program Documents
  • Resources on Honors Education and Honors Programs in the Community College
  • Criteria for Honors Sections and Individual Honors Learning Contracts
  • Scheduling Processes and Timelines

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Robin Datta, Ph.D.

Director, EdCC Honors Program

Chair, Department of Political Science

Edmonds Community College