Running Start

How do I Enroll?


Currently Enrolling Students for Fall quarter of 2017-2018 academic year.

Do you have questions about how to enroll? Talk to or meet with Running Start Advisor. Contact us!

1. Apply


This packet has the different forms that you need. It will save you time and confusion if you have these forms in front of you as yo work though each step.

When to Apply

Application Deadlines

We accept applications year round. You must complete the four steps outlined here prior to the first day of class. Don’t wait though. Apply now! First day of class is:

Fall quarter for the 2017-18 academic year - September 18, 2017.

Watch this Information/Orientation Video

Is the Running Start program a good fit for you? Do you want to participate? Watch this video. It will provide an overview of the program and important information to help you make your decision.

Print out content of this presentation with notes in PDF.

If you think you would like to become a Running Start student we would love to have you participate, and will help you get set up and through the process. Fill out an application and complete the rest of the steps oultined here.

How to Apply

1. Fill out the online fillable Application Form (computers are also available in the Running Start Office for use if needed).


If you have printed out the Application Packet, fill out the Application that is included in the packet by hand. Take your time to ensure we are able to read your handwriting.

2. Submit Application Form

 Submit your signed application to Enrollment Services or the Running Start Office through one of the following options:

Option 1: In Person: (quickest turn around time) First floor, Lynnwood Hall or Running Start office, Lynnwood Hall Room 235. Visitor parking is available in Lot "L". View parking map.

Option 2: By Email: or (form must be signed, then scanned).

Option 3: By Mail: Enrollment Services, Edmonds Community College, 20000 68th Ave. W, Lynnwood, WA 98036

What Happens After You Apply

You will receive a welcome letter from Enrollment Services (in person, by email or mail) with your Edmonds CC Student Identification (SID) number.

English Placement

To determine which courses you are eligible to take, you must determine your English Placement. You may be able to use overall high school GPA, or test scores from Smarter Balanced (SBAC), PSAT, SAT, PreACT, ACT, AP English Language and Composition, or IB score for IB English. Print out the English Placement Worksheet to determine your placement.

If you are unable to use one of the options listed on the worksheet for placement, you will need to take the Accuplacer Assessment. See below for information about the Accuplacer Assessment.

Note: If you assess into ENGL 101, you are eligible to take a broad range of college level classes. If you assess below ENGL 101 (for example into ENGL 099) you are also eligible to take classes, but class offerings may be more limited. The list of classes you can take based on your Placement can be found on our Equivalency Guides.

Math Placement

If you are interested in taking a Math class or a class that has a Math pre-requisite at the College (for example some of the Science classes have math pre-requisites) you must determine your Math Placement.

You may be able to use your high school transcript, or test scores from Smarter Balanced (SBAC), PSAT, SAT, IB or AP for placement. Print out the Math Placement Worksheet for your school district to determine your placement.

If you are unable to use one of the options listed on the worksheet for placement, you will need to take the Accuplacer Assessment. See below for information about the Accuplacer Assessment.

Submit Documentation of Placement

If you are not taking Accuplacer and able to use one of the other options on the worksheet for determining placement, you need to submit documentation.

Here is how to do that. Print out and submit an unofficial copy of your test scores or your transcript showing grades and GPA that you are using for placement to the Running Start office. There are two ways to do this.

By Email

  • Scan or take a screenshot of your unofficial test scores or transcript. (Be sure the test scores or transcripot show your name).
  • Scan or take a screen shot of a photo ID (for example: ASB card, driver’s license, or driver’s permit).
  • Email both to Include in the email your Edmonds CC student ID number.


In Person

  • Bring a copy of your test scores or transcript, photo ID and Edmonds CC student ID number to the Running Start Office (Lynnwood Hall, Rm 235)

If You Need to take the ACCUPLACER Assessment

If none of the test score or high school transcript options work for you to determine your placement, you will need to take the Accuplacer assessment to determine your English and/or Math placement. You can complete the Accuplacer Assessment at the Testing Center (Mountlake Terrace Hall, Room 152) at Edmonds CC.

The ACCUPLACER® Assessment is not a pass/fail test. It simply measures your current level in reading, writing and math.

In order to take the ACCUPLACER®**, please:

  • Prepare for the Test
  • Take the ACCUPLACER® Assessment at the Testing Center
  • Bring the following to the test:
      • Photo ID (such as ASB card, driver's license, driver's permit)
      • Edmonds CC student ID number

No appointment is necessary, but check the Testing Center hours.

As soon as you complete the assessment, you will be given a print out of your placement scores. Take this to the Running Start office to talk to a staff member. They will go over the results with you, give you a list of courses you can take through Running Start and help you with the next steps you need to take to get set up as a Running Start.

** If accommodations are needed, please contact the Testing Center at 425.640.1546 to inquire about language accommodation or Services for Students with Disabilities at 425.640.1320 for testing accommodation or support.

Once your English and Math placement is determined you will be able to see what classes you can take by checking out the Equivalency Guides.

Meet With Your High School Counselor 

Set up a meeting with your High School Counselor. Please remember to make appointment to see your high school counselor. Also, if you don't have the required information and documents identified here your counselor may not meet wit you.

Complete the New Student Worksheet before your Meeting.

Before you meet wit your high school counselor, complete the New Student Worksheet. Bring with you to your meeting. Your counselor will likely send you away if you show up without this one. Print out a copy of the New Student Worksheet and follow instructions (if you have an application packet, the worksheet is included in the packet).


Meet With Your High School Counselor and Complete Enrollment Verification Form

  •  You should have the following with you when you meet with your counselor:

             1. New Student Worksheet. (see above).
             2. Placement Information (you should know your placement from Step 2).
             3. Equivalency Guide (Print a guide that applies to you and your school district).
             4. Enrollment Verification Form (Print this out, or if you have an Application Packet it is included in the packet).

  •  Discuss your schedule with your counselor and have them sign and fill out the Enrollment Verification Form.

  •  Get your Enrollment Verification Form signed by you, your parent/guardian and high school counselor.

You are almost done! There are only a couple more steps to complete before you can register for classes.

Complete and Submit Paperwork

Make a trip to the College to the Running Start Office. (Lynnwood Hall, Room 235) Check our hours. Bring in your paperwork to submit so we can get you set up to register for classes!

Submit the following three completed documents to the Running Start Office (Lynnwood Hall, Room 235). Be sure all forms have the required signatures. Parents’ signatures are required on some of the forms.

            New Student Orientation Worksheet (You completed this as part of Step 3, when you met with your high school counselor).

            Enrollment Verification Form (You completed this as part of Step 3 when you met with your high school counselor).

            Parent/Guardian Agreement  (Print this form out, or if you have an Application Packet, the form is included. Be sure to have a parent sign).

Register for Classes

When you submit your completed paperwork, you will be given additional information about Running Start and Edmonds CC, and be able to register for classes.