Running Start

What Running Start Students Say

Cole Holland

Cole Holland: Running Start, Digital Music

Why Edmonds CC? It was an easy decision — I live half a mile away.

Why now? I want to get going with my life as soon as possible.

Working as: Lifeguard and Swim Instructor at the Lynnwood Recreation Center

Biggest challenge: Getting everything done all in one day!

Favorite class: Definitely Music Theory, it has greatly expanded my musical knowledge as a musician and composer.

Advice for students: Work hard, don't procrastinate, and have good time management. Also, don't be afraid to talk to your instructors and ask questions, because chances are you're not the only one in the class that has the same question.

On my iPod: Gotye, Miles Davis, The Roots, and my music.

Favorite composers: Shostakovich, Borodin, Stravinsky, and Beethoven

Video game: Guitar Hero — when I have a chance!

College goal: Definitely getting my Bachelor's Degree from Cornish as a Composer/Performer.

Dream job: In five years, I see myself writing for film and doing musical projects in the studio with all different kinds of musicians. Most of all, I want to do it in the Seattle/Puget Sound area.

Shanti de la Pena: Running Start, Associate of Arts

Why Edmonds CC? I know people who go here and they told me it was a good place to go. After going here, I met new friends and that made me want to stay.

Shanti de la Pena

Why now? I wanted to get a head start on classes I have to do in the future. By junior year in high school, I had completed almost all of my required credits and was ready to spend time working on classes I needed to get finished.

High school: Lynnwood

Working at: Clay Pit, JCP Photography Studio

Volunteering at: an elementary school

Best college experience: Meeting all the people here and realizing how friendly and mature people were. College is a lot different from high school.

Biggest challenge: Time management — Sometimes it is hard to get all the things you know you need to get done, done on time.

Favorite class: Spanish — I thought it would be hard, and while I may have not been good at it the teacher was sure to make the effort to work with everyone and keep people on track with the class. The students were also really fun and helpful. It was a great environment to learn in.

Best advice: Keep up with homework and don't procrastinate! Doing a little work every day is a lot easier than doing all your homework the night before. And don't be afraid to get help.

On my iPod: Memories by David Guetta

Movie: Horrible Bosses

Author: Alice Sebold

College goal: Graduating from UW with a 4.0

Dream job: To work in a photography studio or something in the creative arts.

Alex Pearson: Running Start, Associate of Science

Why Edmonds CC? It was the closest college that offered Running Start and I had friends in Running Start at Edmonds. Also, my mom went back to college and earned a degree here recently.


Why now? I thought that this was a good time for college because I was already earning college credits through A.P. tests in the high school. I thought that Running Start was a good idea to start earning college credits (for very cheap) that will transfer to a four-year university when I graduate from high school.

High school: Kamiak

Best college experience: My schedule this quarter — I only have classes online and on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This gives me a lot of free time and allows me to really focus on my work and be independent.

Best advice: Plan ahead. Know what you want to do and it will make choosing classes easier, and you will be motivated to move forward to your goal.

On my iPod: Electronica

Interests: soccer, skiing, longboarding

Video game: Skate

College goal: master's degree

What's next? I have a passion for finding out how stuff works. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always been good at fixing and upgrading electronics and contraptions. I think it would be interesting and fulfilling to one day work in an energy field.

Selma Tanjo: Running Start, Associate in Pre-Nursing

Why Edmonds CC? Running Start was a great opportunity for me to finish high school and my AA at the same time so I decided to do it.

Selma Tanjo

Working at: Harbor Square Athletic Club

Best college experience: Meeting new people every quarter. There were always new faces and it's an overall great environment to be in.

Biggest challenge: Managing all my classes in Running Start, playing volleyball and working all at the same time — but I did it!

Advice for students: Learn good time management — when a person manages their time, they will do well in their classes.

Traveled to: Bosnia, Turkey, and Germany — but I have never been to a state outside of Washington!

Interests: I love to play sports! I played volleyball all four years of high school and played basketball for two years in high school.

College goal: Master's in Nursing

Dream job: I would love to work with cancer patients at Swedish Medical Center in downtown Seattle.

Matvey Sineev: Running Start, Associate of Arts

Why Edmonds CC? I try to take the “high path.” As soon as college became an option I decided to jump for it. Edmonds Community College is well known in this community for its excellence as a strong and serious community college, when it comes to preparing people for the next thing in life.

Matvey Sineev

Why now? As my family and I immigrated here from Europe, it's been my job to secure a good footing for my future. And the future of my (later) kids! I pressure myself to do well even when I know that I may not fully understand the whole process. Going to community college has prepared me for my future and tossed me a step ahead like nothing else in this world can.

Before college: My family and I came from Minsk, Belarus to Seattle with $12,000, a suitcase and no English. I was three years old and fascinated by people who sounded, behaved, and smelled different than me. The motivation I saw in my parents through our first years in America taught me to work hard, live a fulfilling life and make good connections with other people.

High school: Meadowdale — I swam for the boys swim team and I played violin in the Chamber Orchestra.

Working as: a Lifeguard at the City of Lynnwood Recreation Center. And I have been an English tutor at Edmonds Community College for over a year now. I love my jobs!

Best college experience: Besides gaining the tools to really organize myself into a successful individual and seeing how much it has been paying off already, my commute has consistently been the best part of my day. I bike to school and it provides me with a good challenge, a way to avoid using gasoline and instead have a good recreational experience. See my legs?

Favorite class: The first class I ever took at the college. It was a Coordinated Studies class, and honest to goodness I thought that I would hate it. Coordinated Studies is when two instructors get together and teach two classes in one. In this case my class was English and Biology. I am pretty serious with my learning, and I thought this sounded like a joke. I thought each would detract everything else from the other. It is very much not a joke. Edmonds Community College has this kind of teaching nailed down

Advice for students:Try new things. Community college is a place to learn. People go to universities unprepared and because of this end up wasting years and spending billions of dollars on courses that they realized they later didn’t need, didn’t like, didn’t help them realize their goals fast enough, and were just filling in the gaps of their schedule. Also, bike to college, and take some Coordinated Studies. Get inspired with life.

On my iPod: Son Dambi + After School

Video Game: Star Wars: Clone Wars

What’s next:
University of Washington

Educational goal: Master's in Business Administration — with the plan to gain skills that support my family and create jobs and opportunity for other people.