High School Dual Enrollment Programs

Information for High School Teachers

High school teachers benefit from the experience of teaching a college-level course and working directly with the Edmonds CC Faculty Coordinator/Liaison who assists in curriculum development and can provide valuable supplemental materials and teaching methodology.

High school teachers who are interested in teaching in the College in the High School (CHS) program are encouraged to contact the CHS Director who will notify the appropriate division dean at Edmonds CC. Successful applicants must meet the same credentials as any other part-time college instructor as defined by the academic department (some but not all college departments require a master’s degree in the subject area).

The CHS Director will clarify the application process and collect the application packet, which must include the following:

  • evidence of applicant’s superior knowledge of the subject and outstanding teaching skills;
  • evidence of at least two times teaching the designated CHS class with written endorsement by the high school principal/department head;
  • interest and a willingness to modify the curriculum, assignments, assessment, and grading criteria as needed to ensure that it is equivalent to the course offered on the Edmonds CC campus (History and Math departments generally approve AP teachers/classes);
  • letter of recommendation from applicant’s administrative supervisor;
  • a resume and college transcript(s) to confirm degree earned and number of courses taken; and
  • the high school course syllabi including name of textbook(s) as well as typical assignments with a sample assessment.

The appropriate college division dean in consultation with the high school principal and the appropriate Edmonds CC department head will review all applications, interview all qualified applicants, and make the final selection. 

Selected teachers will be appointed as Edmonds CC adjunct faculty to teach on their respective high school campus. In addition to the salary that is paid by the high school teacher’s school district, a stipend will be paid by the Edmonds CC CHS program for the administrative paperwork involved in disbursement of information to parents/students regarding CHS options, application/registration at high school, meetings (including classroom visits) with Faculty Coordinator/Liaison, and completion of new hire paperwork upon initial appointment. Detailed Roles and Responsibilities are listed in the CHS Handbook.