High School Dual Enrollment Programs

Student and Parent Information

Advanced high school courses approved for College in the High School (CHS) are challenging and similar in content and rigor to the equivalent college courses offered on the Edmonds CC campus.

How is CHS Different than Tech Prep?

CHS differs from Tech Prep in that the approved courses are academic transfer rather than professional technical/career training classes.

How is CHS Different than Running Start?

CHS differs from Running Start in that the students remain at their high schools and are taught by their high school teachers. Not all college classes have been approved for CHS, nor do all high school teachers meet the CHS teaching requirements/standards.

Registration Information

Prior to registration for CHS classes, students must complete the Edmonds CC High School Admission form and take any required placement and prerequisite courses. CHS courses are taught on the high school's academic schedule. CHS students receive credit, allowing them to transfer to other state and national colleges/universities. CHS also assists them in expediting their degree completion by bringing college credit with them as well as meeting prerequisites, which provides them with the opportunity to take more advanced classes when they reach college.

Registration and the placement exam take place at the high school. The cost for CHS tuition is approximately one-third the cost of college tuition and does not require the purchase of additional textbooks or the cost of transportation to the college.