High School Dual Enrollment Programs

College in the High School

College graduates in caps and gownsCollege is for YOU! Whether you’ll be the first in your family to attend college or carrying on a family tradition by earning a college degree, the College in the High School (CHS) program lets you:

  • Take Edmonds CC classes at your high school;
  • Earn credits that count toward both high school graduation requirements and transfer to two- or four-year colleges; How will the credits you earn through CHS be transcripted? 
  • Save money by taking college classes at a fraction of the cost (Textbooks are provided, so you could save up to $150 per college course.); How much does CHS cost?
  • Take classes taught by your high school teachers who are CHS Associate Faculty and who partner with Edmonds CC faculty members; Who teaches CHS classes?
  • Use Edmonds CC resources, including the college library, student services, reduced rate student bus passes, and more; Why you should enroll in CHS?

Graduating from High School?

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