Grant Process at Edmonds Community College

  1. Conduct on-going assessment to determine student and community needs for programs and services which drive institutional mission and goals.
  2. Faculty and staff identify solutions and funding opportunities.
  3. Faculty and staff discuss idea the Grants Development Office  who help to identify if concept meets institutional mission and goals.
  4. Grants Development Office prepares a Grant Concept form for approval by President's Cabinet (PC). 
  5. If it is determined that the idea meets institutional mission and goals, a grant team is formed to assess the viability of applying and develop the grant proposal with assistance from the Grants Office, as needed.
  6. A draft of the proposed budget is submitted to the Business Office
  7. A draft of the proposal is reviewed by an appropriate Vice President and/or Dean, and the Director of Grants.
  8. Proposal is submitted.
  9. If proposal is not funded, the team strategizes for re-submittal and/or identifies other possible funding sources. If funded, grant is implemented working closely with the Business Office.

Grant Process Chart