Do You Have a Grant Idea?

Often the most difficult activity involved in applying for a grant is formulating an idea into a specific plan of action. It is advisable to prepare a summary of what you intend to do. This prospectus or abstract can then be expanded to fully develop each of the five components. But, first, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the idea fit the college's mission and goals?
  • Does the idea address identified needs?
  • Does the college meet eligibility requirements?
  • Is the probability good for funding given the time spent to develop the proposal?
  • Does the college have staff capable of carrying out the project?
  • Does the college have the facility/physical capacity to carry out the project?
  • Will funding be sufficient to accomplish the objective in the time allowed?
  • Does the project require match funding?
  • Should we collaborate with other colleges or organizations?
  • How will the college sustain the project after the funding ends?

Given the vast pool of federal, state, foundation and corporate funding opportunities, it can be a daunting task to match your project with the specific criteria of funders - but help is available!

For assistance with researching, planning and writing grants, contact us. Contact Liz Woolms (x1567), Budget Analyst in the Budget Office, with budget questions.