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Minh Carrico, Carina A. del Rosario, and SuJ’n Chone

Jan. 4-March 14

(L-R) Distorted Memories of Reoccurring Events Minh Carrico, Scattered (In memorium) Carina A. del Rosario, A Constructed Flight SuJ’n Chon

“Epilogue” is a new collaboration among Minh Carrico, SuJ’n Chon, and Carina A. del Rosario. Their first venture began with founding and managing IDEA Odyssey, a collective art gallery dedicated to artists of color, in Seattle’s International District. “Epilogue” is subliminally a celebration of the physical gallery’s closure, and an exploration as the trio embarks on their first artistic collaboration. They engage in conversations about identity, growth, and discovery in a visual construct, interpreting and rendering each other’s visual works, writings, and artifacts in previously unexplored media.

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Reception 3-6 p.m. | Fri., Jan. 15 Art Gallery, Lynnwood Hall, third floor

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