Your Future at Edmonds Community College

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm still in High School, what are my LOW-COST, NO-COST options for earning college credit?

I have AP or IB credits, how will they count in my transcript?

AP and IB credit is explained in the Advanced Placement and Additional Ways to Earn Credit section of our online academic catalog.

What's going on at Edmonds CC?

There's always a lot going on at Edmonds CC. See our online calendar.

I want to plan a campus visit. How do I schedule a tour?

Schedule a tour using our tour request form.

I need to contact an employee at Edmonds CC. I know her name, but how do I find her info?

Use the Employee Directory link at the bottom of every page of the website.

I need help figuring out where to start. Who can I call or email?

info@edcc.edu or 425.640.1577

Do I need to take the SAT or ACT to enroll at Edmonds CC?


Okay, so no SAT, or ACT for admission, but what is the placement test?

For brand new incoming students who have never tested at the college level, at Edmonds CC, we use the ACCUPLACER®* to determine math and English placement.

If you have tested at another institution, contact the testing center to see how and if your scores will transfer. 425.640.1546

The ACCUPLACER is not a pass/fail test. We simply assess your current knowledge in arithmetic, algebra, college level math, sentence structure and reading comprehension. Based on your answers to questions covering these topics, your scores will place you into college level classes or developmental classes that will hone your skills for college level content.

The computer-based ACCUPLACER test consists of approximately 40 math questions and 40 English questions. Depending on how you answer the previous question, will determine which question you are asked to answer next. A set of practice questions is available to download here. The math section starts with Algebra, so if it has been a while since you were familiar with polynomials, it might be worth a look.

Testing typically takes about two hours for students. So plan ahead. Check the Testing Center hours to be sure to schedule enough time to finish your assessment and walk over to meet with an advisor and discuss your scores.

*For ELL students we offer the LOEP test. More information on the LOEP test can be obtained by contacting the Testing Center at 425.640.1546.

Before I click on APPLY, what information do I need to complete my application?

I need an official transcript. How do I order one?

You can order an official transcript online.

I need my incoming transcript evaluated. Who should I send it to?

View the Transcript Evaluation process.