Annual Scholarships

Applications for annual scholarships must be completed online. There are over 200 scholarships available for students with the exception of students enrolled in Running Start for the duration of the upcoming academic year. Eligible students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. The amounts and number awarded vary from year to year based on available funding. Typical awards range from $1,000 - $4,500.

Scholarships are available for full-time, part-time, international, and undocumented students.

2017-18 Annual Scholarship Application is Currently Open until April 14, 2017.

Scholarships will be awarded in mid-June.

Sign Up

  1. Sign Up and create your user account.
  2. Confirm your account creation by clicking the link in the
  3. Go to
  4. email sent to you.
  5. Begin your application!

Application Instructions

There is one online application to apply for all of the Foundation’s Annual Scholarships.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Answer the questions in the General Application. Remember:
    1. Save at any time by clicking “Save and Keep Editing” at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Hold your mouse pointer over  to see more information.
    3. Request a copy of your transcript (this may take up to a week, so plan ahead).
    4. Scan your unofficial transcript and upload it to the application; the cumulative GPA is needed for the application.
  3. Click “Finish and Continue” to submit your finished application.
  4. View the scholarships you are eligible for. These are listed under “Active” in the Applications menu.
  5. Click “View Opportunities” in the confirmation page to see any additional scholarships you may be eligible (these scholarships may require additional information).

Only individuals who have been selected to receive a scholarship will be contacted.

Important Dates

April 14, 2017: Application and Supporting Documentation Deadline
Mid-June: Awards Announced


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section (a link is located at the bottom of the application page). You can also contact Michelle Cimaroli at or 425. 640.1707.

Notice to Students

An application for an Edmonds CC Foundation scholarship does not take the place of an Edmonds CC Financial Aid application. All students, except International students, are encouraged to complete a financial aid application (including FAFSA and WASFA) for the current year, in addition to the annual scholarship application. For information about financial aid, visit with the Financial Aid Office, first floor, Lynnwood Hall or call 425.640.1457.