Gifts Through Trusts

There are many types of trusts that offer opportunities to provide for you or a loved one, as well as the Edmonds Community College Foundation. These can be designed to fulfill your unique goals and individual situations. Gift, estate tax or charitable contribution income tax deductions are available depending on the type of trust created.

John and d'Elaine Johnson created a trust of all their assets and named the college Foundation as the sole beneficiary. D'Elaine said she and her husband had different motivations that led them to the same conclusion

"For him it was based on business, a way of diversifying his investments. For me it was answering to my soul," she said.

Both considered making the planned gift to be an integral part of their retirement plans. The trust keeps them connected to the college and to education.

"Education is the only thing that makes our country strong," said d'Elaine.

D'Elaine was born to a family with five children, and her family worked hard running a dime store. Scholarships were the only way d'Elaine was able to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education from Central Washington University and her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington. She has been able to donate to the Foundation land purchased with money she earned from sale of her artwork.

"There's a lot of sweat, blood and hard work that goes into my art. But this way, my art will promote the arts," she said.