By including Edmonds Community College Foundation in your will or trust, your dedication to education becomes a lasting and living legacy. You may bequeath a percentage of your estate, a certain item or a specified dollar amount.

Carol Berg-Christiansen worked her entire career at community colleges in Washington state. She worked at Edmonds Community College for 11 years and retired as vice president of College Relations and Development in 1998.

Before she retired, Carol acted on her belief that people should plan to give gifts to the college that will ensure its future - she named the college as beneficiary in her will.

"I saw the tremendous work the college did and the benefits of scholarships first hand and wanted to make sure that the college was taken care of," she said.

Carol said it wasn’t hard to make either the decision or the gift.

"It was easy to do and you feel ever so good afterwards. It is done and I know it will happen," she said.

Carol spends retirement doing community work, gardening, traveling and yoga, and every day she has the satisfaction of knowing that she has made a huge difference in the college's future.

"My top priority is education, so planned giving was the responsible thing to do," she said. "So many people have been blessed through education. It was important to give back."