Frequently Asked Questions about the Grants Program

Q. How do I apply?

A. Grants are awarded once per academic year; applications are typically due in the spring.  There is an electronic application that must be completed and submitted to the Foundation by email at EdCCFoundation@email.edcc.edu.

Note: As grant applications are required to be signed, we ask that applications are completed electronically, printed for signature, scanned as PDF and then emailed.

Q. Where can I find an application?

A. Applications are available for download online.

Q. What do I need to know about the application?

A. Each application must have a completed cover sheet, including all the necessary signatures. Applications should not be longer than four pages, including the cover sheet. Each application must include a clear description of the project, how it fulfills one of the Foundation's funding priorities, a complete budget that includes all expenses and sources of funding, an expenditure timeline and plans for securing future funding, if needed. 

Q. Whose signatures do I need?

A. Every grant application must have the following signatures:

It is their choice whether to endorse a grant, however, the Foundation will not consider a grant that does not have the proper signatures.

Q. What can be funded through a Foundation grant?

A. Grants are available for:

 Q. What cannot be funded through a Foundation grant?

A. No grant monies are available for staff and faculty salaries (except replacement costs for a one-time project or short-term funding, which must include an additional 16.5% for benefits), exempt employee stipends, curriculum development, or student scholarships.

Applications that include any of the above compensation will be automatically rejected.

Note: If requesting a stipend, an additional 16.5% of the requested stipend amount needs to be included in the proposed budget to pay for benefits or else your budget should clearly state what fund will be used to pay benefits. If funded for less than the total request, benefits will still need to be paid and you must either find the money elsewhere or adjust your budget accordingly. The Foundation is not responsible for paying any benefits for stipends granted.

Q. Can I receive more than one grant?

A. Yes, faculty and staff may submit and may receive more than one grant. However, since funds are very limited, it is highly unlikely to secure funding for multiple projects. You are strongly encouraged to only submit one grant per year.

Q. Do I have to be a full-time employee?

A. No, all faculty and staff members of the College are eligible to apply.

Q. How much money is usually awarded?

A. It varies. Grant requests will be considered for up to $3,000.

Q. When are the applications due?

A. Applications are typically due in the spring.  The exact due date will be posted on the Foundation Grants page. No late, faxed, or printed applications will be accepted. Applications must be emailed to EdCCFoundation@email.edcc.edu.

Q. If I receive a grant, how do I get the funds?

A.  All approved grants will be assigned a college budget account number. Grant acceptance paperwork will then be emailed to all grant recipients. This paperwork must be completed and returned electronically to the Foundation, after which the Foundation will transfer funds to your account.  You will then be emailed the account number which can be accessed at any time by your budget authority. It is not necessary for you to get approval from the Foundation to access or spend your grant funds.

Q. If I receive support or help from other sources, do I still qualify for an Edmonds Community College Foundation grant?

A. Yes, in fact, you are encouraged to find other sources of funding! It is rare for the Foundation to be the sole source of funds for a project or program, however, the Foundation will not fund a project for more than three (3) consecutive years.

Q. How long do I have to use the funds?

A. Funds will be available for one fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Unused funds will be reclaimed by the Foundation.

Q. If a grant awarded project or program does not get started during the year, can I "save" the grant for the following year?

A. No, grants are awarded for use during one fiscal year only. Any unused funds are returned to the Foundation at the end of the fiscal year. You are welcome to reapply for the same project if you are unable to begin a project during the fiscal year. Some exceptions to this rule may apply - contact the Foundation to discuss.

Q. Can I receive money for the same project more than once?

A. Each year, approximately 50% of available funding is allocated to grants that have not been funded in the past. So, while you may apply, it will be very competitive. Grant recipients are encouraged to work with the Director of Grants and the Executive Director of the Foundation to find other sources of funding for future years.

Q. For how many years can I receive funding for the same grant?

A. No project will receive funding for more than three (3) consecutive years.

Q. Are there any other requirements to receive grant funds?

A. Applications must be submitted by a currently employed staff or faculty member. If granted funds, applicants must submit a written report upon completion of the grant. If receiving second-year funding, this report must be received before the next year's funds can be released. Failure to do this may result in refusal of future allocations. Recipients may be asked to present their project or program at a Foundation Board of Directors meeting.

Also, to help the Foundation achieve our goal of increasing visibility on campus and in the larger community, we ask that you give recognition to the Foundation for financially supporting the project. The Foundation logo is available as necessary.

Q. If I have further questions, whom should I call?

A. Please call the Foundation office at 425.640.1274 or email foundation@edcc.edu if you need further assistance.