Campus Giving Campaign 

Help the Foundation Support Students, Faculty and Staff

Every contribution, no matter the size, is important and supports our efforts to provide opportunities for every student at Edmonds Community College. Many outside funders also look to see how well organizations support themselves from within before choosing to donate.

You can show your support and make a gift to the Edmonds CC Campus Giving Campaign anytime through:

  • payroll deduction (simply complete a pledge form and send it to the Foundation via inter-office mail)
  • personal check
  • secure online donation

Money raised by the Foundation directly serves our mission, faculty, staff and students.   Here are just a few of the ways your money has supported the college:

  • The volunteer literacy program received funding to improve training for its volunteers to improve program effectiveness.
  • A textbook project developed by the high school completion department faculty to better serve students will be published, providing stability and continuity to history course curricula.
  • 95% of Complete the Dream Scholarship recipients were able to graduate upon receiving assistance in their final quarter of school.  An average award of $850 made this possible.
  • Emergency funds were distributed to keep one student’s electric from being cut off and another’s car repaired to allow him a way to get to school to finish his program.

Thank you for ALL you contribute to Edmonds Community College. Through your work, time, energy and gifts - you MAKE a difference!

If you have questions, comments or would like to participate in the campaign in any way, please contact Brad Thomas at or at 425.640.1884.