Financial Aid Services

Disbursement of Funds - Higher One

Edmonds Community College has partnered with a bank called Higher One. Higher One disburses all financial aid funds to our students.

After awarding aid to you, we first pay any tuition, fees, and housing you may owe the college. If there is a remaining balance, Higher One will send it to you. Higher One refers to the balance as a refund.

Shortly after you complete your financial aid file check your US Mail for the bright green envelope from Higher One. The envelope contains a Debit MasterCard. Once you receive the card you must go online and choose your preference on how you would like to receive your refund.

You have three options: Higher One Options

  • Open a free OneAccount to activate your Higher One Debit MasterCard
  • ACH - Direct Deposit to your own bank account
  • Paper check sent by mail


Higher One card
Higher One envelope

If you don't receive your card within two weeks of completing your file use the link below:

Where's My Card?

Learn more by visiting, or Higher One FAQ or calling Higher One Customer Support 877-565-2499.

Make sure your address is correct so there are no delays in receiving your card by going to

Please note: Refunds due to dropping a class are sent by paper check to your current address from Edmonds Community College. Higher One is not an option for enrollment refunds.