Expanding Your Horizons

2017 Workshops

Below is a list of all the workshops available at the 2017 Expanding Your Horizons conference. You can download a copy of this list and the presenters' bios.

Workshop Title Workshop Description Presenter(s) Presenter's Employer
Virus Hunters Girls will explore the basics of immunology and how the body fights invaders like bacteria and viruses. They will also explore how researchers identify viruses through gel electrophoresis using the colored candy as an example "pathogen". Amy Stone Center of Innate Immunity and Immune Disease
Secret Life of Plankton Engage in the work of a marine biologist by studying the base of the marine food chain. Learn how to catch these free floating critters, observe plankton under the microscope and create models that replicate their lifestyle. Ardi Kveven Everett CC
Trailblazers The Women of the Boeing Company celebrates the women of Boeing—those who were the first to work at the fledgling company in 1916, to become pilots and engineers, to work on the factory lines, and to take on leadership roles. These women paved the way for female engineers, aviators, and executives for decades to come. The trailblazers on the panel will tell their stories, talk about what inspired them, and discuss what it takes to get into exciting engineering and aviation careers. Betsy Case, Suzanna Darcy, Sandi Jeffcoat, Trish Beckman Boeing Trailblazers
Frozen! How do we keep cells alive even though we have to freeze them? We will use a Red Rover-esque game to explore movement of nutrients and waste in and out of cells even while they’re frozen. Caitlin Reinhart Biolife Solutions
How Things Work In this workshop we will all work together to take apart a small appliance and talk about some of the different sciences behind how components work and were designed to do what they need to do. You will find out there is a lot going on underneath the surface and many different fields and degrees can be applied to making something. Cammie Edwards EdCC’s club “Society of Women Engineers”
Using DNA to Solve Crimes While not quite as glamorous as portrayed on the TV show CSI, the field of forensic science is a great way to apply science towards helping the community. Get a brief introduction to the field’s many disciplines (drugs, guns, fingerprints, and more!), as well a little more in-depth look at how DNA can be used to help solve crimes. Carol Vo Washington State Patrol
So You Want to Work in an Aquarium? There are many different jobs in an aquarium, some that may surprise you! Get to know what it takes to keep the Seattle Aquarium critters and visitors happy and healthy, and we’ll spotlight a day in the life of one of our Bird and Mammal Biologists.         Darcie Larsen Seattle Aquarium
You CAN Predict the Future! Knowing what to expect helps us make decisions and take calculated risks. Actuaries use probability and statistics to make predictions about the future. In this session we will introduce you to the foundations and ideas that we employ in our everyday job! As a team we will look at problems involving everyday objects and situations. Dena Thompson, Zoe Gouin  Symetra
So you want to work in an Aquarium? So You Want to Work in an Aquarium? Darcie Larson Seattle Aquarium
How to Make Beautiful Smiles Learn about a career in dentistry. Dr. Meenakshi Tomar Edmonds Bay Dental
Earthquakes Are there earthquakes in Washington? Yes – EVERYDAY! Learn about where earthquakes occur and how to stay safe once the shaking starts! Erin Wirth University of Washington 
Edge of Knife Surgery can improve some diseases, for others it can do nothing. We will explore the world of surgery through x-rays and photos and discuss the evaluation and treatment options of various conditions. Dr. Karen Hunter Providence Hospital
It's a Robotic World We live in an electronic world. Soon, it will be a robotic one too. Learn about robotics and electronics with hands-on activities that involves building a small digital circuit with a flashing LED, controlling a robot, and viewing your voice on an oscilloscope. Kay Latimer Edmonds CC
The Power of Data When you post on social media, ‘like’ a friend’s comment or picture, click on a link or browse a website do you think about who might be collecting that data and what they might be doing with it? Can your favorite retailer predict what your next purchase will be and when you will make it based on the previous purchases you’ve made? Data is powerful. We leave a trail of it where ever we go. In this workshop you will learn just how powerful data is and get a glimpse of the many job opportunities available to powerful girls just like you! Kris Hansen  Inspirus
Technology Meets Art See how technology has enhanced the medium of theater lighting. Learn how a lighting designer works through a show to create mood and atmosphere with light. Kristi Matthews Taproot Theater
How to Write the Future with Gene Editing Learn how YOU can end world hunger, cure diseases like Zika virus, and save the environment using a technology called gene editing. Lindsey Pino UW
Dare to Care, Be a Nurse Why do people choose a nursing career? What character traits do people need to be successful in a nursing career? What is training like? What about the working conditions? Learn the answers to these questions and more! Lori Cross Nuring 
Engineering Design – Creating Products that Work Have you ever wondered how products are designed? Learn the process designers and engineers use to make the products you use every day, from someone who has helped design products for companies from Nike to Panasonic. We’ll choose a topic and design a product together! Martine Stillman Synapse Product Development
Wiggle Wobble, but Don't Fall! What makes a building or a bridge stand up? What shapes are the most stable? Buildings aren’t supposed to move, or are they? Come play around with structural stability and flexibility as we explore the job of a structural engineer. Melissa White Dibble Engineers
Squeezing Electricity From Crystals Have you ever wondered how light up shoes work? Learn how piezoelectricity, the phenomenon behind this, can teach us about the nanoscale world! Anna Murray UW-SWE
Why Should I Do My Math Homework? Ever wonder why you should do your math homework? Is it just to get a good grade? In this workshop we’ll explore the many careers available with a math background (think Seahawks or Mariners!). Come learn why doing your math homework is important for more than good grades! Nancy Lee  Venuti & Associates
What is a Micropipette? Come and learn how to use a micropipette. Create some pictures and have some fun! You will even have a chance to design your own pipette art recipe. Penny Lefavour Edmonds School District
The Nose Knows! How well can you smell? Come learn how the nose functions and the importance of chemical molecules behind smell. Dr. Reitha Weeks Scientist, Educator, Volunteer
There's Aeronautics in My Kitchen! Students will complete comparisons between home economics and aerospace manufacturing and measure results Rosemary Brester Hobart Machine
Designing with Diversity Looking at the importance on diversity in engineering through a design challenge. Will look into the different mind sets for designing a product for depending on the clientele. Samantha Heim Boeing
Go Big or Go Better! A fast-paced team design competition where you will work to create the next world wonder! You will learn to set a design direction, create and execute a plan for constructing it, and negotiate surprise twists along the way – just like architects do – while you create something the world has never seen before. Sarah Holstedt, Michelle Moore Interior Callison
The Everybody Locker Room Students will examine a design problem around school locker rooms. This challenge will provide a quick understanding of how architects affect the built environment. The conversation will include safety, privacy, religion, inclusiveness, accessibility, building codes and School Board policy. Taine Wilton, Corrie Rosen Edmonds School District, Mahlum Architecture
Can Anyone Use This Building? Students will work in teams to explore how any space in or out is accessible to others and what makes it that way. They will also discover the training needed to be an architect. Vicki Somppi Workplace Architecture
Bioengineering: A Journey in Research In this workshop you will learn about the career of a bioengineer and bioengineering challenges from glucose sensing to stents. Mary Wallingford, Mandy Williams  Giachelli Lab UW, UW Bioengineering
Urban Stream Investigators Have you ever thought about how humans impact the water cycle? What about the carbon cycle? We will work together to investigate our impact on urban systems and will brainstorm about how to keep our water healthy! In addition, we will provide a sneak peak into the life of an undergraduate doing scientific research at the University of Washington! Rachel Yonemura, Corrine Hoffman UW Environmental Science
Discover Nano Nanotechnology is everywhere! From clothing to sunscreens, nanotechnology is used in many everyday applications. Come participate in hands-on activities to discover what nanotechnology is and how it is changing our lives in unusual ways. Kristine Schroeder North Seattle center director for Shine
Turning STEM Interest into a Career You’ve identified your career field, gotten the degree \ certification \ training – Now how do you get in the door?   What demonstrable skill sets set you apart as the One to Hire in an Interview?   Jen will show you how to take your career from Entry Level to Dream Job.  She will teach you w hat you need to know about Soft Skills employers need and look for. Jenn Madsen Edmonds School District- Info Tech Supervisor
Hungry? Let's Order Pizza Electronically! Create a ROBOT that orders your favorite pizza on a click of a button with Amazon Web Services. Simmi Parmar  Amazon
The Hidden Levels and Easter Eggs Ever wonder what it's like working for a game company? Curious to learn about all the different jobs that exist at such a place? Join a self-proclaimed gamer, geek, and employee of a game company for a lively and interactive Q&A session. Ask that question you've always wanted to ask, but didn't have anyone to ask it to. Amber Eagar Gaming Industry/Coding