Equity and Inclusion

Queer Action Team (QAT)

The Queer Action Team (QAT) is an Action Team of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council (DEIC). Our mission is to promote a culture and climate of acceptance that celebrates our LGBTQ+ community through collaboration, advocacy and action. We are an Edmonds CC-wide team and we promote an intersectional approach to our work.

QAT projects align with the mission of the DEIC which provides leadership to create a diverse, inclusive and respectful community that achieves equity for all. Key accomplishments since our inception include:

  • QAT collaborated with CSEL and the DSC to support the LGBTQ+ Welcome and Celebration Week. QAT hosted a Cake Reception, a social event to welcome LGBTQ+ and advocate students to Edmonds CC.
  • QAT collaborated with CSEL and the DSC to support the Black History Month Celebration. We hosted an information table with educational materials and giveaways celebrating Black Queers Who Made History.
  • QAT collaborated with Facilities Operations and Seaview Gym Employees to establish an all-gender restroom. The restroom is located in the Seaview Gym and has a toilet, shower and 6 lockers. It is available for student and employee use.
  • QAT presented Let's Talk about Sex[uality and Gender], a workshop about sexuality and gender, and the ways we talk about them at Edmonds CC.

Join us!

The Queer Action Team meets monthly. We welcome everyone to participate in creating the world we want to see! For more information, contact Christie Santos, QAT Chair at christie.santos@edcc.edu or 425.640.1174.