Creative Writing

Students at Edmonds CC have an opportunity to explore their creativity and writing talents by enrolling in creative writing classes and/or working on the college's award-winning literary magazine, Between the Lines.

We offer four genre-specific creative writing classes:

English 141/142 Writing Nonfiction (offered spring quarter)
English 151/152 Writing Poetry (offered fall quarter)
English 161/162 Writing Fiction (offered winter and fall quarters)
English 171 Writing Plays (offered summer quarter)

These classes use a variety of techniques to help you explore each type of writing, including workshops with your peers. Emphasis is on the creative writing process and reading contemporary writing in the particular genre. Often, you will be asked to study a writer you admire and prepare a presentation/report on that writer's style. You may repeat the class at the advanced level (142,152 and162), completing additional assignments as requested by the instructor

Students from these classes will be asked to submit their work to Between the Lines (though submissions are open to all Edmonds CC students). In addition, those students who wish to have more hands-on experience may register for Humanities 235, offered each winter quarter, where they will serve as staff for Between the Lines. Students in this class are responsible for soliciting both literary and art submissions, evaluating and selecting the submissions, creating a design concept, and helping to market the publication from the previous year.

The students in the Publications class work closely with both the Between the Lines adviser and the Between the Lines staff, which consists of an art editor, literary editor, and design editor (these editors are paid through Student Programs). In addition, students may choose to continue to work on the production of the publication during spring quarter by signing up for variable credit independent study courses (Humanities 198), working with the Between the Lines adviser and editors.

Between the Lines comes out at the end of spring quarter and is available in the Bookstore. Typically, a reading/art show of the work selected is held during the first week in June.

For more information, contact Amanda Laughtland, Between the Lines adviser.

E-mail: amanda.laughtland