An EdPass Card offers a variety of opportunities including:

  • Library Card: Check out materials from the college library and access to Library facilities.
  • Copy Card: Copy machines in the library only accept EdPass for payment.
  • Bus Pass: Ride Community Transit's buses, you now need an ORCA card. You can add ORCA bus pass benefits to your EdPass (college I.D.). It costs $10 (a one-time fee for the new EdPass/ORCA card) and $15 for the quarterly bus pass.
  • Prepaid Campus Cash Card: Deposit money in a FLEX Account for use on Edmonds CC campus. Money can be deposited at the cashier’s office in Lynnwood Hall, first floor, or 5 ATM style machines around campus. The Card is valid at several locations on campus, including the Bookstore, Market Place cafeteria, most vending machines around campus, copy machines in the library and Triton 1 and 2 espresso bars on campus.
  • Printing on Campus: Print at campus computer labs and receive 25 free pages at the start of each quarter, $0.05 per page after the 25 free pages. (Visit the Academic Services Printing page for information about printing with your EdPass.)
  • Access to Gymnasium Facilities: A Weight Room is available to current students of Edmonds CC, your EdPass is required for access to the Seaview Gymnasium.
  • Access to secure Bicycle Sheds: Secure Bike Sheds are available to current students for $15 per quarter. Your EdPass will be encoded to unlock the Bike Shed.
  • Show the world you're a student. Many businesses and organizations offer discounts to students, so take your EdPass with you wherever you go.

More information about your EdPass:

Student EdPasses