Common Theme and Community Read

Scholarship Information

$1,300 Covers Spring Quarter Tuition | For Three Awardees

Three scholarships of $1,300 to cover spring quarter tuition are available to Edmonds Community College students who participate in the book read and complete a project based on it.

Eligibility: All Edmonds Community College students enrolled in a tuition-based program.


  1. Read You've Got It All Wrong by Scriber Lake High School Students. Pick up a a FREE copy of the book at the library, campus book store, or CSEL.
  2. Submit a prospectus, faculty endorsement, and a project related to the book.

What to Include in the Application

Application information coming soon.

Application submission information coming soon.

Hard copy to: Humanities and Social Sciences Division staff | Alderwood 218.

Electronic copy to: Ksenia Koon | ksenia.koon@edcc.edu

Application information to be updated soon.

Hard copies: ALD 218
Electronic copies: ksenia.koon@edcc.edu