Diversity Student Center

Job Openings: EARN While You LEARN!

Want to Come Join our Team?

Application packets are available. Please stop by and complete an application packet.

Volunteering Opportunities

Many interesting volunteering opportunities are available. Also, serving as a volunteer with us qualifies for Service Learning credits, and many instructors partner with us to meet curriculum needs. We also have fun opportunities to assist in the center helping students, or with events. It's a great way to connect with other students, to learn new things, and to have fun!

Comments From Students and Visitors to the Diversity Student Center

How would you describe your experience at Diversity Student Center?

  • Friendly and supportive staff!
  • It was always a pleasant and welcoming environment.
  • Very enriching and helpful, they have a lot of good services and the people who work at the DSC are caring and informative.

Have you gained any skills/awareness/knowledge when getting involved at Diversity Student Center?

  • Yes, everybody is accepted here.
  • When I'm here, I actually get motivated to work!
  • I've gotten to know about events by going the the DSC, which have helped contribute to my college experience.

What services would you like added?

  • A larger space — it is cozy — and could be considered crowded
  • More info on international scholarships
  • More computers and limitless printing