Computers, Electronics, and Networks

Train to install, maintain, and repair electronic, computer, robotic and network systems in hands-on classes.

Quick Start Certificates: Soldering Certificate, and Plated- Thru Hole Certificate

Courses help students increase math and reading skills as well as technical and problem solving skills needed for jobs in this field. Job opportunities include working in computer technology, robotics, technical equipment servicing, computer or network installation, maintenance or administration, test engineering and electronics manufacturing.

Program Benefits:

Job Opportunities as:

Entry-level earnings start at about $15.00-16.48/hr*

Choices for Further College Study and Career Paths:

Advanced certificates in:

Increase earning potentials average about $21.73-$28.97/hr

Earn a two-year Associate of Technical Arts Degree in Network Technology. Train as a technician to install, troubleshoot, upgrade, and repair computers and install computer networks. Also prepare for the Network+ Certification Exam and Server+ Exam.

Earn a two-year Associate of Technical Arts Degree in Robotics and Electronics Technology. Train in electronic circuit analysis, functional testing, and troubleshooting of complex linear, digital and microprocessor-based circuits. This training makes extensive use of practical, hands-on learning.

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*Wage Source: Washington State Employment Security Department, 2013