Creative Retirement Institute

Please Register as Soon as Possible!

The decision to run or cancel a class is made about one week before the class is scheduled to start. If there are not enough students enrolled to cover the costs of the class, we may cancel it. Registering or coming into class on the day it is scheduled to start will not save it.

You don't need to be a CRI member to enroll in classes, but CRI members receive priority.

Registration Process

  • You register for classes by completing the registration form included in the brochure/class schedule issued each quarter.
  • Each person must complete an individual registration. If you do not have a registration form or need additional copies, you may download one from menu on the left side of this page.
  • Each form will include a processing fee.
  • Use your Student ID #, which begins with either CRI or 955. New members need to include their date of birth so a student ID # can be assigned to them.
  • Registrations can be made by mail, fax, or walk-in. No phone registrations will be taken.
    • CRI business office is located at the Edmonds Conference Center (201 Fourth Ave. N, Edmonds).
    • Office hours are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.
  • For a listing of all classes, see Classes on the menu located on the left side of this page.
  • Return the completed form and your check or credit card information to:
    Creative Retirement Institute
    Edmonds Conference Center
    201 Fourth Ave. N
    Edmonds, WA 98020
    Phone: 425.640.1830
    Fax: 425.640.1837
  • If you do not have a current brochure/class schedule, you may send an email to request a brochure or ask for more information.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Classes offered by the Creative Retirement Institute are self-supporting and receive no state funding.

Requests for refunds of course fees will be gladly accommodated if notice of withdrawal is given at least four business days prior to the start of class, unless otherwise indicated. There will be processing fee for each class refunded.

Classes that involve pre-payment of tickets, admission fees, and/or transportation costs may require cancellation notices of two or more weeks and, in some cases, may not be refundable.