Creative Retirement Institute

Purpose and Philosophy

The Creative Retirement Institute is sponsored by Edmonds Community College and is affiliated with Road Scholar through the Elderhostel Network (EIN) of Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs). A list of LLIs can be found here.

An advisory board recommends program, finance and policy matters to Edmonds CC through the executive director. Members of the Board are appointed by the College president and serve a three-year term.

The Creative Retirement Institute is working to enrich the lives of people in our community and endorses the concept that adults value education, aspire to lifelong learning, and are intense, self-motivated learners eager to accept the challenge offered by college-level courses.

Through the Institute, Edmonds CC affirms its commitment to the goal of lifelong academic growth, exploration, and understanding.

CRI's philosophy is to provide, at a modest cost, college-level academic experiences for all of its members, regardless of previous educational background. Any older adult who subscribes to the spirit and purposes of CRI is welcome to become a member.

Members are involved in all aspects of decision-making, including curriculum planning, selection of instructors, and administration of the organization. Members are not only encouraged to attend courses, but to design and lead them as well. CRI provides more than classes and social activities — it links its members to a community beyond the classroom and offers a world of opportunities and experiences.

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