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Career Development: Choosing a Major or Career

Career development is a lifelong process managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward your own developed and preferred future.

  • The quality of this process significantly determines the nature and quality of individuals’ lives: the kind of people they become, the sense of purpose they have, the income at their disposal. It also determines the social and economic contribution they make to the communities and societies of which they participate.
  • To be better prepared to make decisions about career and life planning it is essential we learn who we are, what is important to us, what makes us happy and fulfilled, and take responsibility for shaping our lives.
  • The self-discovery process and most life decisions take time to develop. The information you receive may not be immediately clear and you may even find yourself confused, anxious and even impatient. However, taking time to discover who you are and what makes you feel satisfied WILL create amazing outcomes for you and your future!

How Do I Choose a Career Path or Know I am on the Right Path?

There are many ways to discover more about who you are and what is important to you as you develop your career and life goals. Several departments on campus that may be able to assist you, depending on where you fall in the career development process: career and self-exploration, education planning, or job search.

Undecided?  Need to choose a major or decide upon a career path?

Let the Counseling & Resource Center help you develop a better understanding of yourself, learn about career and academic research tools, and develop a method for informed decision making.

Visit us in Mountlake Terrace Hall, Room 145 or call 425.640.1358 for an appointment with a professional counselor who is trained in career choice and development theories and research.

Decided!  Need assistance connecting with a faculty advisor, creating a graduation plan or course selection?

The Advising Resource Center will help you connect with a professional advisor or faculty advisor. The Advising Resource Center can help you:

Visit Lynnwood Hall, First Floor or call 425.640.1458 to connect with the Advising Resource Center.

Take a Class!

CCLS 105: Choosing a Major or Career is a 2-credit class that will help students identify and examine their motivators, experiences, skills, personality, values and needs that affect choosing a major and/or making career and life decisions. Students will learn more about themselves and leave class with an action-plan for next steps.

Ready for an Internship or Job Search?

The Career Action Center creates connections between employers and students by providing opportunities for recruitment, career information, job search, internship education, and access to retraining.

Services include online job and internship listings, a career resource room, job and internship search assistance, and an academic internship program. For those looking for funding to pay for career training, they offer the Worker Retraining Program and Opportunity Grant.

Please contact the Career Action Center for more information at 425.640.1256 or stop by Mountlake Terrace Hall, Room 130.

Want to Know More About Career Pathways at Edmonds CC?

Career pathways are training and education programs combined with support services and career development resources that lead to jobs and career advancement. Edmonds Community College career pathways are for high school students, college students, adult education students, and former military/veterans. 

Career Pathways Include:

Click here for more information about Career Pathways at EdCC!


Need a password to one of the above sites or more information or resources? Contact the Counseling and Resource Center at 425.640.1358 or stop by Mountlake Terrace Hall, Room 145.