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Career Planning: Choosing a Major or Career

Choosing a career is a major life decision: we'll be working for many years. We want to choose the "right" career for us. (Most of us will change careers several times, but making our first or second choice carefully can save retraining time later.)

What are the STEPS to a good career decision?



Although choosing a career and choosing a major are related, choosing one doesn't automatically mean you have chosen the other.  Choosing a major doesn't limit you to just one career: choosing a career doesn't limit you to just one major.  For more information on choosing a major see:

The Counseling and Resource Center (MLT 145) offers free career counseling. Students, potential students, and others can explore the "fit" between a career and their skills, needs, values, personality and interests. Self-knowledge and an introduction to career research help students better understand themselves and their career options, and help them make informed decisions. For an appointment, call 425.640.1358 or drop by.

Some Basics


 CCLS 111: Career and Life Planning (3 credits) A quarter-long career/life planning class that provides a CORE of career planning tools: interest and personality inventories, examination of values, skills, labor market trends, group interaction and sharing of ideas, and a whole quarter to research, process, discuss, and explore for a thorough career plan.

CCLS 105: Career Transitions (2 credits) Offers the same CORE of career planning tools as above, including the interest and personality inventories, etc. Applies them in a shorter format and with a focus on how career changes impact us.  Also looks at non-traditional careers and workplace expectations.

CCLS 106: Express Career Planning (1 credit) Gives you a late-quarter jump-start on career planning, using the same CORE of career planning tools as above, including inventories, in a condensed format, to devise an Action Plan for successful career planning.

Reading and Links

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