Communication Studies

Communication Studies at Edmonds Community College

Questions for Analysis


  1. Should Serena meet Jennifer and the prospective boyfriend for coffee?
  2. How can she make clear to her classmates that she is not lonely, but enjoys her solitude?
  3. Could she choose an English-speaking Caucasian American as a potential partner? What might his motivation be for such a relationship? What would he have to do to prove to her that he cared for her? In what ways might this relationship not be safe for Serena?
  4. Is Serena proud of her heritage? Do you think she misses New York? Why or why not?
  5. Why doesn't Serena want to do what other kids in the neighborhood are doing?
  6. Do you feel Serena is running away from New York because of what happened between her and Joey - or is she just trying to make a new start?
  7. Discuss what cultural values Serena has that her Seattle friends may not understand.
  8. Why do you think Jennifer set Serena up with a dark-skinned, dark haired male?
  9. Do you feel that same sex individuals (in this case, women) can have an intimate relationship without being stereotyped as homosexual? Why or why not?

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