Communication Studies

Communication Studies at Edmonds Community College

Questions for Analysis


  1. What different identities or roles does Sarah have?
  2. What identities or roles do others have in mind when they see Sarah?
  3. What difficulties has Sarah faced in the United States?
  4. What difficulties did Sarah face in Taiwan?
  5. Based on what is presented in the case story, what do you think Sarah's friend, Reiki, means when he says she's too American?
  6. Based on what is presented in the case story, do you think Sarah's Dad thinks she's too American? Why or Why not?
  7. Internalized oppression is often defined as when people from a particular minority ethnic group take on the attitudes and beliefs that the majority culture has of them. This often leads to self-hate and confusion. In what ways does this definition fit Sarah? In what ways does it not?

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