Professional/Technical Programs

Professional/Technical Programs (Advising List 2013-2014)

♦ ATA (Associate of Technical Arts)
⊕ AAS-T (Associate of Applied Science- Limited Transfer)
◊ Certificate

Program Faculty Advisor Academic Advisor
Accounting (ACCT)
◊ Accounting for Small Business
♦ Credit Management Specialization
Peter VanderWeyst , Amy Shigley, Sophia Ju

(Note : Find these advisors listed on BUS TRNSFR GRID)
Susana Yiu, Allison Paytosh
Allied Health (AHE)
◊ Patient Care Technician (PAT CARE)
◊ Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
◊ EKG Technician
◊ Phlebotomy (PHILBTMY)
◊ Advanced CNA
◊ Clinical Lab Assistant (CLIN LAB)
◊ Health Unit Coordinator (HUC)
◊ Pharmacy Technician (PHARM TECH)
Connie Lockwood (All programs), Erika Ferreri (All programs), Liz Patterson (Pharm Tech Only), Cindra Ouellette (Training) Susana Yiu, Allison Paytosh

For transfer outside of EdCC to other health related BA programs, schedule with a transfer advisor
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
◊ Certificate
Kyra McCoy (Program Director), Connie Lockwood All academic advisors
Business Information Technology (BSTEC)
◊ Accounting (feeds into ACCT ATA)
◊ Medical Office Clerk
♦ Medical Information Technology
◊ Medical Administrative Assistant
◊ Medical Billing Specialist
♦ Office Technology
◊ Basic Office Skills
◊ Office Technology
♦ Legal Office Specialist
◊ Office Technology
♦ Office Supervision and Management
◊ Advanced Office Skills
⊕ Office Supervision and Management AAS-T to CWU BAS-AM
Teri Odegard, Kathie Richer, Kim Haines, Tom DeGraff, Kari Guedea Susana Yiu, Allison Paytosh
Business Management (BUS MGMT) (Not Business Transfer)
◊ Business
◊ Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
◊ Project Management
◊ Marketing & Sales
◊ Supervision
Ann Paulson, Claudia Levi, Marie Tran Allison Paytosh, Gail Dunavan (Note: Gail also advises for Business Transfer)
Computer Electronics and Networking (CEN)
♦ Robotics and Electronics Tech
◊ Basic Electronics
Kay Latimer Susana Yiu
Construction Industry Training (CIT)
◊ Certificate
Randy Sibley Gail Dunavan
Computer Information Systems (CIS)
◊ Desktop Support Specialist
♦ Network Technology ATA
◊ Network Technology
◊ Server Administration
♦ Information Security ATA
◊ Digital Forensics
◊ Network Security
♦ Web Application Developer ATA
◊ Web Application Developer
◊ Business Systems Analyst Note: If appointments are not available, please give students Misty Cline’s phone number (425.640.1902) and ask students to contact her directly.
Marti Baker (Web Development, Database), Steve Hailey (Forensics, Information Security), Steve Higdon (PC Support, General), Julie Jackson (Cisco, Security, General), Bill Marshall (Network Tech), Mustafa Rashid (Networking, General), Mike Andrew (Forensics, Information Security) Susana Yiu
Computer Science (COMP SCI)
◊ Computer Game Development
◊ UNIX/C++ Specialist
◊ Windows/C++ Specialist Note: COMP SCI advises for one day fall, winter and spring quarters. However, CMPSC advisors will arrange time to meet with students anytime. Please give students Misty Cline’s phone number (425.640.1902) and ask students to contact her directly
Niko Culevski, Paul Bladek, Tim Hunt

(Note: Find advisors listed on TRNSFR GRID. Book within available GRP-CS drop-in’s in SARS)
Susana Yiu (non-transfer only)
Construction Management (CONST MGMT)
◊ Construction Management
◊ Building Inspection
◊ Civil Construction Mgmt & Inspection
Ed Van der Bogert, Dave Jacobsen Gail Dunavan, Allison Paytosh
Culinary Arts (CLART)
◊ Advanced Commercial Cooking
◊ Baking
◊ Basic Catering
◊ Basic Commercial Cooking
♦ Baking
◊ Baking
◊ Culinary to transfer to CWU or SSCC
◊ Baking to transfer to CWU Note: Culinary Arts advising is typically held in groups. New Culinary Arts students should take the placement test and then sign up for a group advising session for CLART.
Traci Edlin (Currently enrolled), Charles Drabkin (New), Kevin Fogarty (New) Susana Yiu
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
◊ Certificate Note: ECE faculty will sign students up for appointments in their classrooms. Once these students are added to SARS remaining appointments will be open for other ECE students.
Connie Schatz, Sandy Arnold Heidi Farani
Emergency Management
⊕ Emergency Management & Business- Continuity AAS-T
◊ Certificate
Larry Price Gail Dunavan
Energy Management (ENGRY MGMT)
Carol Lewellen, Alison Pugh Heidi Farani
Fire Officer Degree (FOD)
⊕ AAS-T (inactive)
◊ Certificate (inactive)
Geri Nelson Susana Yiu
Horticulture (HORT)
♦ Landscape Design
♦ Landscape Management & Installation
♦ Nursery/Greenhouse
◊ Nursery Growers
◊ Ornamental Horticulture
♦ Restoration Horticulture
Tim Hohn (Nursery Growers, Ornamental Hort, Nursery/Greenhouse), Bess Bronstein Heidi Farani
Hospitality and Tourism (HSPTR)
♦ ATA Hospitality and Tourism
♦ ATA Hospitality/Business Specialization
♦ ATA Hospitality/ Entrepreneurship & Mgmt
⊕ AAS-T to South Seattle CC
◊ Hospitality and Tourism Certificate
♦ Event Planning (EVPL) ATA
⊕ AAS-T to South Seattle CC
◊ EVPL Certificate - AA Transfer to WSU Hospitality/Bus Mgmt
Beth O'Donnell, Linda Russell Susana Yiu

(Note: Susana does not advise for the AA transfer in Business Hospitality to WSU; schedule with a transfer advisor)
International Business (INTL BUS) (Business Non-Transfer)
◊ Global Business
Bill Bettencourt

(Note: Find this advisor listed on the BUS TRSNFR GRID)
Allison Paytosh, Gail Dunavan

(Note: Gail also advises for Business Transfer)
Occupational Health and Safety (OSH)
⊕ Occupational Health & Safety Technician AAS-T
◊ Construction Safety Technician
Larry Price Gail Dunavan
Material Science Technology
♦ Manufacturing and Materials Technology ATA
⊕ Materials Science Technology AAS-T
Ross Monroe Gail Dunavan
Paralegal (LEGAL)
◊ Advanced Paralegal (BA required)
◊ Medical Paralegal (RN required)
Anne Kastle, Clark Silliman, Scott Haddock, Daniel White Gail Dunavan, Allison Paytosh
Social and Human Services (SHS/ACD)
♦ Human Services
⊕ AAS-T to Seattle Central CC
♦ Alcohol & Chemical Dependency (ACD)
⊕ AAS-T to Seattle Central CC
♦ Activities Director
◊ Senior Services & Activities
◊ ACD Certificate (BA or 45 relevant college credits (approved per faculty) required)
Karen Townsend (SHS only), Tui Lindsey (SHS & ACD), Christina Coiro (Training) Allison Paytosh, Heidi Farani
Visual Communication/Multimedia (VISCO)
Minh Carrico, Sarah Maki, Melissa Newell

( Note: All can also advise for the following AA transfer degrees: Graphic Design, Photography, Studio Art, & Architecture)
Susana Yiu

Additional Off-Site Programs:

Business Training Center

Find out more: 425.640.1840 (Must call to register!) DO NOT schedule with Academic Advisorwww.the-btc.com (also advertised in printed quarterly schedules)
For Online Instruction Center: www.ed2go.com/btconline or call phone number listed above


◊ Aerospace and Manufacturing (WATR - see more below)
◊ Business Management
◊ CATIA Certification
◊ Composites Technician
◊ Manufacturing Development
◊ Online courses including computer courses, speed Spanish, photography, etc.

Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center (WATR)

DO NOT schedule with Academic Advisor
Find out more: 425.347.8928 or www.washingtonaerospace.com
Address(es): WATRC WA Aerospace Training Research Center 3008 100th St. SW, Everett 98204
ERC Employment Resource Center 9901 24th Pl. W., Everett 98204


◊ Manufacturing Assembly Core Certificate and Assessment
◊ Aerospace Manufacturing Assembly Mechanic Online Certificate Assessment and Lab
◊ Aerospace Electrical Assembly Mechanic Certificate and Lab
◊ Aerospace Quality Assurance Online Certificate Assessment and Lab
◊ Tooling Online Certificate Assessment and Lab Note: Some of these programs can feed into the Materials Science program here on main campus, so if students want to know more about that option, they can be scheduled to meet with Gail.