You must have an Edmonds CC student ID number to schedule appointments online. If you do not, please call 425.640.1458.

Which type of advisor do you want to see?

Academic Advisor

Meet with an Academic Advisor if you are a:

  • New Student
  • Undecided about your educational goal, and need help choosing classes
  • Student on Academic Restriction
  • Student who needs a training plan (for Worker Retraining, L&I, Trade Act, WIAA, etc.)

Or if you need:

  • Help selecting classes
  • Information about other campus resources
  • Answers to questions about the transfer process
  • To determine how to finish your program of study
  • Help understanding the graduation process

Faculty Advisor

It is recommended that you meet with a faculty advisor by your second quarter at Edmonds.

Meet with a faculty advisor if you are a:

  • Student who has decided on a career path or major

Or if you need:

  • Course substitutions
  • Career information
  • To explore specific careers
  • To determine how to finish your program of study