Academic Computer Services

Instructor Information

ACS Account

Instructors teaching in the ACS computer labs at Edmonds Community College are entitled to an ACS account in addition to your administrative (R230_admin) account. This account will provide you access to a file share on the ACS file server to store your class files, and you will also be able to utilize other file shares to publish class resources to your students. The ACS account does not 'link' with your administrative account in any way. If you would like an ACS account please have your department secretary email acs@edcc.edu with your full name and we will be happy to create an ACS account for you.

Instructors Classroom Software Request

Instructors are asked to submit a list of software their classes require each quarter. The following table lists the deadline dates for each quarter of the current academic year:

Academic Year Summer Fall Winter Spring
2013-2014 Apr. 19, 2013  TBD  TBD  TBD

As we become aware of the dates for upcoming academic periods we will fill the data into this table.

Please use the following link to go to the log in page of the web based Software Request Form: Instructor Software Request Login. You will be asked for your r230_admin or Windows user name and password to login. You will be able to review your previous classes software lists, make changes as necessary and submit the updated form from this webpage.

Departments and instructors are asked to contact Mike Yocom directly with questions or concerns regarding their classroom computer software at 425.640.1306 or send an e-mail. If you are using a web based e-mail client you may not be able to use this link. If you must enter the address yourself you may cut and paste it from here: mike.yocom@email.edcc.edu.

Please bear this in mind, unlike your home computer, ACS is responsible to our community to get many disparate software applications running on our computers together. In some cases this involves installing and testing software, uninstalling the software, modifying one or more settings on our computers, reinstalling the software and trying again. The process can take multiple attempts all of which take time. If you can turn in your request early, please do so. Due to campus time constraints, we may not be able to accommodate late requests.

R230_admin Account

Instructors who wish to log into an ACS computer with their R230_admin credentials will need to type this prefix to their username: R230_admin\

You will be unable to print and will not have access to your personal files if you are logging into ACS computers with your R230 credentials. If you will need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer, please review the instructions in R230 users setting proxy.

Student Accounts

All currently enrolled students receive an ACS account. The account gives them access to the local ACS computers and the student wireless network during the quarter. The account also gives students access to eLearning classes during the quarter, quarter breaks, and one year after their last class at EdCC. Student first time logon handouts are available online.

If a student is having trouble logging on to a computer day or night, please send them to the first floor of Alderwood Hall with any valid picture ID for a password reset or unlock. If a student is having issues with viewing classes in Canvas, please contact the TRC at 425.640.1010.

Account Resources

ACS lab computers will log on to ACS by default. When you login with your ACS account the S: drive will automatically map to the logged in users file share on the ACS file server. You will have your own folder on S: drive where you can save files that are only accessible by you. Similarly, the S: Drive for students will map to student folders on the file server.

The H: Drive will map to the ACS application server, where some applications such as Gregg Document Processing are located. Both Instructors and students have access to this folder, but should not publish any files here.

The Y: Drive will also map to the ACS application server, where instructors can publish class resources to the proper class folder. Students will only be able to view the files or copy them to their folder and will not be able to publish to this directory. The format for folders under the Y: Drive is ap_data\dept_name\class_name. For instance, if you want to publish files for CIS100, you would request a folder under Y:\ap_data\CIS\CIS100 and could publish everything under there. Please view the following link to review the new structure and guidelines for posting class materials to the Y: drive: Apdata Structure. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Documents should only be stored in the above areas or on removable media such as a flash drive. The local hard drives are cleaned out randomly, and all non-lab installed files on the local drive are deleted. Instructor information stored on Apdata and instructor and student data stored on the S: drive is backed up weekly. At the end of each quarter all data is backed up and a copy is stored off campus in a safe deposit box. In the event of a catastrophe that results in the damage of servers and backups on campus the instructor and student data stored off campus will be the most recent data available.

Lab Use

Reserved Class Time: Reserved time for classes is indicated in shaded areas on the schedules posted on the bulletin boards in Alderwood Hall or outside of each lab. Lab Assistants will inform students to leave the room 10 minutes before the next class is scheduled to begin if they are not in the scheduled class. If you would like to reserve a computer lab please contact Jessica Wallace, stating your class number, class time, and the days being requested.