Academic Computer Services

CLUG Notes November 22, 2009

Attendees: Amy Shigley, Bill Marshall, Carolyn Mann, Dale Burke, David Jacobson, David Winney, Elizabeth Treadgold, Elmo Cooper, Gary Douglas, Gisela Dicklin, Jolene Kovesdi, Joshua Madakor, Judy Forth, Kyle Berns, Lorraine Necaisse, Marti Baker, Michael Yocom, Rod Halverson, Steve Higdon, Thao Nu Phuong Nguyen

Print Management System

How is the new system working in your room(s)?

Windows 7

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, was released 10/22/09.
A final decision on the move to Windows 7 for fall quarter 2010 in the computer labs needs to be made by 2/12/10.

ACS is currently recommending that the computer labs hold off going to Windows 7 until fall quarter 2011.

In summary, ACS is a solutions provider and if Instructional Leadership feels that there is an instructional imperative to go to
Windows 7 for fall 2010, ACS can make the move, provided the equipment is upgraded and the final decision is made by 2/12/10.

Action Items

Windows 7 - 64 bit vs. 32 bit

Pros of 64 Bit

Cons of 64 Bit

Pros of 32 Bit

Cons of 32 Bit