Academic Computer Services

CLUG Notes November 18, 2003

Attendees: Karl Camozzi, Susan Loreen, Becky Monroe, Mike Yocom, David Winney, Gisela Dicklin, Pat Gales, Misty Cline, Kathie Richer, Tim Hunt, Teri Odegard, Jon French, Johnetta Moore, Jerry Huri, Linda Russell, Carl Hurley, Mabel Machin, Monica Tobin, and Ginny Olson


  1. SUPPLEMENTAL LAB ISSUES: Karl Camozzi explained about the importance of attending the upcoming Supplemental Lab issues meeting or sending a representative to this meeting from your department.  The original meeting is being rescheduled due to numerous conflicts in schedules creating a poor attendance for a very important meeting.  Supplemental labs are additional labs that ACS has acquired because they have student computers and ACS is responsible for supporting the EdCC campus student computers and CWU student computers.  However, ACS is not given additional funds to provide that support. 
  2. ROGUE SERVERS: Karl Camozzi explained about “rogue servers”.  Rogue servers are servers that instructors are running out of their office that are being infected with viruses because they are not configured properly with anti-virus.  They are not updating properly with system updates putting every other computer on campus at risk making them extremely vulnerable to virus attacks.  Finding the viruses and conflicts is a major challenge for ACS and is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  3. TESTING AVAILABILITY: Becky explained when the testing availability for which department will be ready.  Most of the testing will be in Snohomish Hall, room 103.  Becky will be emailing each department and the instructors to inform them about when they can come into the labs and test.  The tester will need to come to ALD 110 first and get an ACS technician to let you into SNO Hall, room 103.  The BSTEC testing will be ready on Wednesday, November 19, 2003.  Other departments will be ready for testing on Thursday, November 20, Friday, November 21, or early next week.  Gisela asked if it would be possible to get rid of the General Ledger program.  Becky responded by telling her that General Ledger can only be eliminated if all the instructors that have used this program or might possibly use General Ledger are contacted and agree that they do not need to use General Ledger anymore.  Both Mabel Machin and Gisela Dicklin were in agreement about this.  The software testing will require the ACS techs to build an image and test it before the instructors come in to test.  Becky will send Jerry Rosenberg an email about software needed for his SQL Hall classes.  There was a question about whether .Net2K3 would be running for winter quarter in CWU.  It will be running in the main labs along with .Net2K2. Tim Hunt suggested that eventually .Net2K2 could be removed.  Becky explained that what would probably happen was that ACS would run both .Net 2K2 and .Net2K3 in winter quarter 2003.  Then if it looks as if the .Net 2K3 is stable enough, and it is determined that .Net 2K2 isn’t needed anymore, it will probably be removed for spring quarter, 2004.
  4. ACS NEWSLETTER: When the ACS Newsletter was first created, it was decided that it would be published once a month.  After discussing it at this meeting it was decided that the ACS Newsletter will be published twice a quarter.  There will be a longer newsletter at the beginning of the quarter and a shortened format towards the end of the quarter with a reminder of meetings that are coming up, orientation information, and other pertinent issues.  Also, any new and pertinent ACS information can be found on the ACS web page.
  5. SOFTWARE REQUESTS:  Pat will be sending out software requests for spring quarter 2004 either the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  Pat has requested that any time there is new software requested, that a “heads up” email be sent to ACS informing them that new software will be coming.  Pat reviewed the tentative timeline schedule that is still being reviewed.  The timeline dates that Pat is currently using are the tentative dates suggested by Jeff Leveroni for use by ACS.  When it is officially determined, ACS will publish the finalized version.  It was strongly suggested at the software request timeline meeting that when new software is being ordered that is two quarters out, please make sure that the textbooks are published and in your department’s hands before you request it to be installed in the computer labs.  By spring quarter, 2004 the timelines should be finalized.  At this point, ACS is transitioning in between two timelines.  For more information about software requests, contact Pat Gales at 425.640.1728 or stop by her office in Alderwood Hall, room 108.  Pat’s hours are:  Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    • WI-FI:  Johnetta Moore brought up some questions and concerns about the Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is short for wireless fidelity.  It is a popular term for a high-frequency wireless local area network. There was some discussion about the Wi-Fi in general and in the library area.  Johnetta is also wondering if anyone is working with Scott Farrand about signage and polices.  ACS is involved in the meetings in which the policies are being evaluated and reviewed.  Becky is doing layouts for VPN and Karl Camozzi is working closely with Scott Farrand.  Johnetta said that she would like to attend the signage and policies meetings.  Scott was invited to the Computer Lab Users Group meeting to talk about the Wi-Fi, but something came up last minute, and he was not able to attend. 
    • NEXT COMPUTER LAB USERS GROUP MEETING:  The next Computer Lab Users Group meeting will be scheduled during the third week of January 2004.  ACS will notify you of the meeting date, time and place, and it will also be published in the ACS Newsletter and on the ACS website.